2–3 Nov 2017
Cass Cities presents::
Streetspace Workshop


Calcutta House
The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
London E1 7NT


What makes a good mixed use street? How can good streets be represented beyond the usual tools? StreetSpace is a multidisciplinary project examining superdiverse streets.

At this workshop we will analyse physical, historical and experiential aspects of a London street and provide an alternative way of thinking about its planning, preserving and development. We will deal with problems of community, class, gender, crime, commerce and consumption, and also culture, performance and ritual. Streets are complex entities, have evolved slowly through history but can be radically transformed by development.

By the end of each workshop we will present three draft maps that illustrate the liveability, plurality and complexity of the streets observed.

Academics, students and practitioners will work in three groups:
History - archive docs: photographs, street directories, oral histories.
Aspirations – planning, projects and policies for the area. Recent and current.
Perceptions - ethnography studies – photographs, interviews and surveys

Join in!
Free to attend, but spaces limited.

Email to be considered for the workshop, giving your details, qualifications/experience, and reasons for wanting to attend. Jane or Agustina: j.clossick@londonmet.ac.uk or a.martire@qub.ac.uk