8–26 Oct 2018
The Photo Diaries of Mick Williamson


Atrium Gallery
The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
London E1 7TP

Mick Williamson

This exhibition is a celebration of the professional and personal photographic practice of Mick Williamson, who has just left The Cass having worked there for 46 years.

Mick’s early photographic practice was centred on medium format landscapes, portraits, still lifes and commissioned work. However, in 1974 having started a family, he acquired an Olympus half-frame camera, which allowed him a looser approach to family photographs and freed him from the “expectations of professionalism”.

Since then, Mick has photographed all aspects of his daily life. He is never seen without his half-frame, which has become almost an extension of his body and he rarely looks through the viewfinder as he is now so in tune with this small camera. He has gradually built up an immense body of work, shooting two to three films a day with 72 images per film.

Whilst most of the shooting takes place within a busy everyday schedule, the photographs themselves offer an opportunity for stillness and reflection; there is a meditative quality to the work which converts the subject to metaphor.

Mick’s working life has been dedicated to The Cass, its staff and students, and his deep commitment to the subject area of 5 photography is evidenced in its growth and its many successes. He is an extremely respected teacher, with a wealth of experience and knowledge who is exceptionally generous with his time. He will be greatly missed at the Cass but he leaves a strong legacy upon which to build.