Thu 26 Oct 2017, 2–4pm
Much Ado About


Drama Studio TMG65
166-220 Holloway Road
London N7 8DB

Much Ado About

Following its debut as part of this year’s Gdansk Shakespeare Festival in Poland, this adaptation of Shakespeare’s much loved comedy brings its themes of love, jealousy, humor and shame to a contemporary setting; combining original language with modern dialogue, movement and investigative staging.

Joins us around the campfire for a story of courting couples, problematic pairings and raucous relationships. Be privy to the rumours, hearsay and misrepresentations, as the characters duck in and out of tents and gossip by lamplight.

Directed by Tanya Roberts. With Jenny Byrne, Valentin Hripko, Zie Jackson, Laura Mottola, Veera Vaisanen.