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Fri 1 Dec 2017, 2.30–4.30pm
Harriet McKay and Roy Bachelor present: TANGO! Free dance class


The Wash Houses
The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
London E1 7TP


Dr Bachelor says, ‘if you can walk—you can tango’. So come, and tango. Free Class. Beginners, begin the Christmas Spirit.

Take part in a free dance class with Roy Bachelor brought to you by Harriet McKay / Critical and Contextual Studies. How can a gesture – say, a simple step – have meaning except according to who executes the step and why (the designer); the context in which the step is taken (the object in context, Barthes, if you must); and who is observing the step (the observer/user of the object)?

All you need to do is register. Note: any footwear or socks suitable but please, no rubber soles as these can lead to tripping up!