16–27 Mar 2018
Everything Out The Door


Atrium Gallery
The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
London E1 7TP

Everything Out The Door

‘Apple bombs, venomous caramels, daily lies, false information; ultimately, Trojan throws, beds or horses that when inside a house destroy everything that surrounds them. We want to introduce to you everything that remains out of the door: the fabricated banality, intentional vulgarity, urban furniture, voracious dogs.’ Archizoom , Dream Beds (1967)

Everything Out the Door, opening on the 15th March 2018 at The Cass, London Metropolitan University, is an exhibition organised by CAMPO and Black Square Press which follows on from a workshop pand exhibition produced at CAMPO in September 2017.

CAMPO asked a selection of contemporary architecture collectives to put forward their own idea for a ‘Dream Bed’.  The research project was a reflection on Dream Beds, a project by Archizoom of 1967 that intended to contaminate the domestic space with all the aspects of life that modern culture had rejected. Each participant was asked to provide ten images and short texts which take on the ideal bedroom as the minimum space through which we can construct an idea of architecture.

Objets trouvés, personal cabinets of curiosities, speculative projects: these ten images construct visual essay on what we left out the door – and what we wish to bring back in to challenge our lives and conventions. The images represent objects, people, textures, materials, elements of furniture, surfaces, atmospheres, other architectures, other places, other rooms.

Using Rome as a source of inspiration, the workshop participants then realized 1:10 models of these ideal rooms, not be shown to the public, but only used as a stage set to be photographed. The exhibition at The Cass, curated by Matteo Costanzo and Maria S. Giudici displays the outcomes of this research project and workshop.


Curators:  Matteo Costanzo and Maria S. Giudici. With contributions from: åyr, baukuh, Fake Industries, Architectural Agonism, Cédric Libert, Maio, Plan Común, Point Supreme, The Open Workshop, Unulaunu, and featuring the work of Alessandro Dandini de Sylva.

Supported by: The Cass, London Metropolitan University.
Organised by: CAMPO  and www.black-square.eu

Special thanks to Rita Elvira Adamo

Workshop participants: Alessia Bertini, Francesco Bozzerla, Cosimo Campani, Jacopo A. Colarossi, Quentin Dauvergne, TheodoraGiovanazzi, Marie Gobin, George Guida, Danae Haratsis, Aidan Hermans, Eva Herunter, Giulia La Delfa, Maria Muskova, Stella Porta,Federica Scalise, Jeremy Schipper, Angelika Sechremeli, Pierre Shaw, Jakob Walter, Nadia S.-N. Wikborg, Chris Zhongtian Yuan.

Model making consultant: Modelab, Marco Galofaro
Photoconsultant: Giulio Aleandri
Workshop assistants: Matteo Novarino and Patrizio Sbarra