Thu 7 Dec 2017, 6–9pm
Theatre and Performance Practice presents::
In the dust of things unsettled


Atrium Gallery
The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
London E1 7TP


In the dust of things unsettled is an exhibition event of multimedia installations and live performances, exploring unstable environments and shifting identities.  In the residues of past objects and the dust of things unsettled, we find a space to contemplate fleeting moments and the temporariness of existence. The event is the outcome of Installation & Site, a Theatre Arts studio exploring borderline practices between performance and art exhibits, led by artist and Senior Lecturer Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso.

Featuring new works by Norman Bailey, Deborah Cacciapuoti, Belen Gonzalez, Lucy Holl, Olivier Kitenge, Sofia Masgana, Kamryn McIntosh, Molly Thompson, Veera Vaisanen, Nikolaos Vasileiou and Amy Vinten.

Production management by Jelmer Tuinstra.