Thu 12 Mar 2020, 6.30–8pm
Cass Research Seminars:
POSTPONED Imagination, Form, Fiction


Room GSG-15
The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
London E1 7TP

unanmed Aleks

I am sorry to announce that 'Imagination, From, Fiction' with Dr Sunny Singh and Aleks Catina is cancelled. We are looking forward to hosting the rescheduled seminar in Autumn 2020, and will announce the new date as soon as it is arranged.

Cass Research Seminars will be suspended until further notice. The advice re: COVID 19 is to implement policies of social distancing and to cancel non-essential meetings. It is for this reason that Cass Research Seminars for the next few weeks will be rescheduled until after the epidemic has peaked. Sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience caused.

In his paper entitled Irony and Architecture, Aleks Catina will explore writing as a mode of conceiving of architectural space. This discipline has a long tradition in literature and today is often described as fiction. But what is the relationship of make-believe to the real, and by what means does one shape our understanding of the other? Aleks will talk about a fictional museum in Berlin. Alogside him, creative writing lecturer and novelist Dr Sunny Singh will give her paper Fiction, Architecture and Hotel Arcadia about her 2015 novel 'Hotel Arcadia'. Hotel Arcadia is imagined in layers: as a fictional luxury hotel, as Dante's inferno, as well as journeys through these and other metaphorical, literary, imagined spaces.

The two 20 minute presentations will be followed by a chaired discussion between the presenters and the audience, with the objective of peer review and helping the presenters push their research forwards.

About Cass Research Seminars

Cass Research Seminars are a series of public conversations which enable researchers to test and present their ideas in conversation with peers and a broader audience. The sessions seek cross-fertilisation of ideas and provoke discussion. Typically, they consist of two to three presentations of 15 minutes each followed by chaired discussion.

We had a productive year in 2017/18. Presenters found that the session deepened their work and added unexpected avenues to their thinking. All are welcome at Cass Research Seminars, both from inside and outside The Cass. For more information email and follow us on Twitter for the latest information @CassResearch

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