Thu 6 Feb 2020, 6.30–8pm
Cass Research Seminars:
CANCELLED Drawing as Method


Room GSG-15
The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
London E1 7TP

Kieron Baroutchi

Image credit: Kieron Baroutchi

I am sorry to announce that this Thursday's seminar on Drawing is cancelled. One of the speakers, Ray Lucas, is unwell so we have decided to reschedule the seminar for when he is well again.

Two presentations on the topic of drawing as a method and way of knowing.

Dr Ray Lucas is from the Manchester University Urban Institute. His primary research addresses the possiblities of an Anthropological Architecture or Architectural Anthropology.  Rather than considering the anthropology of architectural practice, reporting on the processes of studio production, his position is to consider both how space is socially produced and to enable anthropological theory and methods to inform architectural practice.  To this end, Ray has been developing a multi-modal 'Graphic Anthroplogy' methodology: parallel in some ways to the use of lens-based media in Visual Anthropology, but understanding the world around us more fully through drawings, diagrams, maps and notations. Ray is author of Drawing Parallels: Knowledge Production in Axonometric, Isometric and Oblique Drawings.

Kieron Baroutchi is Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication at The Cass. He is a London-based graphic artist and educator, and works within the disciplines of graphic design, illustration, animation and printmaking. His work focuses on the narrative of the imagination with a strong desire to capture the intuitive nature of sketches and doodles, taking that spontaneous reaction through to the final outcome. Kieron creates his work using a combination of traditional and digital media. Whilst continually trying to challenge whichever medium he is working in, Kieron is happiest getting lost in a sketchbook

The speakers will each present for 20 minutes, and then there will be a chaired discussion in which we unpick their ideas and add our own into the mix.

About Cass Research Seminars

Cass Research Seminars are a series of public conversations which enable researchers to test and present their ideas in conversation with peers and a broader audience. The sessions seek cross-fertilisation of ideas and provoke discussion. Typically, they consist of two to three presentations of 15 minutes each followed by chaired discussion.

We had a productive year in 2017/18. Presenters found that the session deepened their work and added unexpected avenues to their thinking. All are welcome at Cass Research Seminars, both from inside and outside The Cass. For more information email and follow us on Twitter for the latest information @CassResearch

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